Cost-Effective Elderly Care – Financial Advice and Guidance

As our care is tailored to each individual, we understand that the financial cost is often a concern. Once you call us, our team provide a rough guide on our prices. It’s not an ‘off the shelf package’ however, so you don’t receive an accurate cost until we visit your home. There, we discuss the exact help that you need, which makes it easier to decipher how much your care needs cost. From elderly care to assisted living, we ensure that our costs are flexible, no matter where in England you are.

Payment Options

A range of payment options are available for our services, and our team are happy to help you choose the correct option. View the options below:

Direct Payment

You may qualify for financial help with your care via direct payments. These are available to elderly people and other groups of people that need community care services.
Direct payments provide flexibility, as you can manage the money yourself. Simple records need to be kept to show how it has been spent on care. With this option, you are in control of your care choices, and you have the option of topping up the payments from your own resources. It gives you the freedom to choose any service provider. For further details on this service, please contact your local council.

Personal Budget

The government is committed to a policy of allocating a personal budget to each person that is eligible. A personal budget is a clear allocation of social care funding from your local authority that is given to you after an assessment. The resulting funds should be sufficient to meet your assessed needs.
You can then use this money to choose and purchase the help that you require. Managing the money is important, and you have a number of managing options to make things easier. These include:

  • Self-funding
  • Managing the Funds Yourself via a Direct Payment
  • Using a Representative – (An Independent Living Trust, Broker, Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney Provider Organisation)
  • Funding by Adult Social Services
  • Continuing Healthcare Funding or other Health Funding
  • Using a Mixture of the Above Options (including Personal Health Budgets)

Private Funding

If you or your relation is not eligible for government funding, there are several private options available. Sometimes, this means using existing investments to create an income flow. In other cases, the most suitable option is using your property to release funds. If you are struggling for funding, our team can contact an independent financial advisor. This allows you to receive guidance on the best options that are available to you.

Our Prices

The prices that we provide are affordable and highly competitive. Flexible packages are specifically designed to suit the needs of our customers, and we provide a range of solutions to ensure that you are happy. Our prices are perfect for independent clients, and a detailed list is available once you contact us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

Payments Made Simple

We can help you manage your allocated funds with the help of our financial experts. Choose a payment method from the list below:- 

  • Indirect Payments - the Local Authority conducts a financial assessment (or a means-test) to determine how much you will contribute to your care.  Depending on your income, you may have nothing to contribute and the Local Authority will pay us directly for your care.
  • Direct Payment - the Local Authority has a duty to offer you the money to pay for your care.  They may put this in a specially opened account or give you a payment card to pay us yourself.
  • Direct Debit – You receive an invoice 15-days before payment is taken out of your account. This allows you to stay up-to-date with your payment methods.
  • Cheque – An invoice is raised, and you are expected to settle the invoice within 15 days. 
  • Cash – You receive a personal paying-in book. You then take an invoice to our bank and pay your cash directly into your individual account number.

Confidentiality and Protection

  • Regular statements are provided which keeps you informed. 
  • Others will not interfere or manage your care and support fund. You choose your care options.

SELF-funders welcome